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                                           Promotional Excellence ~ Dedicated Service ~ Unparalleled Reliability



Services                         Attention: Pro and Amateur Boxers,                                                      Locally and around the globe..

We are happy to offer a variety of services to all our Professional and Amateur boxers. Promotion and publicity is our business and we pride ourselves with your success.

In the competitive industry of Boxing, making a name for yourself is vital. We'll get your name out in the circuit through Promoting, Scheduling and Managing Events, Training Sessions, Celebrity Showings and the Media.

Putting your trust in JKJ Championship Promotions, LLC guides the way to a successful career in Boxing.

Call today and inquire about our services. We are committed to your success!

Jay K. Johnson, JKJ Championship Promotions, LLC

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  • Promotional Excellence.
  • Dedicated Service.
  • Unparalleled Reliability.

These are the qualities we bring to our clients.

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